Why you must watch Kaamyaab movie

by Abhishek Shukla on December 22, 2020

Based in the present day times, the mood of Kaamyaab movie is of the retro 90s. This movie is the right place for big wigs, flashy clothes, caricature-ish characters, a lot of ‘dosti time’ on sets with a series of serious loud theatrics.

In between all of this, the music director Rachita Arora, rightly balances the otherwise blaring reflection of the glamorous industry with a series of soothing numbers and barely-there background scores which fit in with perfection.

Kamyaab 2020 is a drama that has used Sanjay Mishra’s fall from peak and followed by his redemption to ponder on the fact that “It’s never too late to chase your dreams” but there are few core reasons this movie is a must watch!

The Plot of the Movie

Set back back in the 80s and 90s, Sudheer played by Sanjay Mishra was shown as an ‘aloo’, a moniker that he gives to character actors. His explanation? Character artists are bland like Aloo, who can blend into anything and everything.

While he has shown as someone who has enjoyed his fair share of popularity for his larger-than-life roles, Sudheer is now aloof from the industry.

However, owing to his popularity, he has an interview to be done with a news channel, where he is requested to recount his past days.

While the interview goes unsuccessful due to power-cut, it leaves him with an aim to complete his record of doing 500 films! With only one film to go, set dusts off his age with grace and again sets up to get back at doing what he was best known for.

Powerful Story Writing

We all know that there was a time when meaningful were written for character artistes. Gone are those days but ‘Kaamyaab’ is a film that puts emphasis on the charm that these character artists used to add to our films and hence it stands out for its story and storytelling.

The movie is a perfect ode to the classic Hindi Cinema that was full of larger-than-life movies and their actors with bizarre wigs, love, drama, friendship passion and most importantly, one’s ability to realise their dreams even when nothing is in their favour.

Graceful performances 

Sanjay Mishra gives a gracious performance in this movie as he portrays the role of the aging and mostly forgotten small-time actor.

Shown to be the man whose 499th film toppled extensively bad and brought disgrace to the family, Mishra is a vision to behold by his diverse acting as he overcomes his inner conflict and paves his own way towards his 500th film.

There are hilarious scenes where Mishra wears a poker-faced expression throughout but later to our dismay, he delivers his dialogues in a way that would hit you hard and also tickles your funny bones at the same time.

In some emotional scenes, where he is shown coming to the terms with the reality of his situation, Mishra completely draws you into the movie with his every single expression.

Kaamyaab is a movie that is fresh and comes with an out of the box storyline. Someone that fits right into every genre, this movie is a treat for every movie buff. Watch Kaamyaab movie today on Filme. Order your Filme card now!