What are the odds - A Film to watch before you turn 25!

by Abhishek Shukla on December 30, 2020

Age is just a number, they say. But when it comes to movies, it does matter a lot. While we all have love and enjoyed youth based movies, the note at which they hit anyone with young blood is completely different.

These movies get relatable, reflect their current situations and help them realise or picture how their future would be. Bollywood has given us many such youth based movies that are full of jokes, drama and loads of friendship goals!

So here a film from Filme! What are the odds  – A film that you must watch before you turn 25.

What makes it interesting?

The characters of the film are naturally portrayed in What are the odds movie. Supported by the two leads, Vivek and Ashwin. The movie is all about youth life, friendship and a new world of the new generation that others miss to understand!

While Vivek is shown to be the rebellious one and edgy person who always protests against an education to gender-conforming names, Ashwin reflects the personal of a charming head boy of the school with ‘a perfect face’ who leads a life with no issues and confrontations.

The plot where these two meet out of unexpected circumstances makes this movie a must watch. This is the place where every moment that you witness in the movie seems relatable. It compels the audience to count their initial days, when they were young and naïve.

The plot and imagination

The aggressive Vivek steals Ashwin’s admit card, leading them to spend a day together. This is the point where two opposite poles meet and the world turns upside down.

As soon as they step out of the school premises, craziness begins to crawl in and the audience is progressed to hit the peak of the film.

There is a time where you reach a point and witness senior citizens dancing in the streets in red colored tracksuits, women with bob cut hair creating contemporary ‘art’ with people wearing pastel outfits and kids that start acting like adults where as those very adults start acting like kids.

An imagination that is never explored in the classic Bollywood movie making ideology, What are the odds is a movie that sets a new benchmark and opens a new genre of film making and watching for the Indian audience.

A perfect movie to relish and recount your days of youth before you turn 25, you can watch What are the odds today on Filme!