Tribute to Action series of India - Baaghi Series

by Abhishek Shukla on March 26, 2021

Tribute to Action series of India - Baaghi Series

In a world of plain old rom-coms and heroes going after villains, the Baaghi movie series brought to the forefront an action-packed sequence of romance, brotherhood, and so much more!

The film stars actor, Tiger Shroff as the lead character, his role as Ronnie is that of an angry young man, a rebel, a fighter for the good guys, a one-man army! He wants to be the man who fights for the good and for the wellbeing of his loved ones.

A movie that surely pays its respect to the action movies in India! It is power-packed, exciting and exactly a type of movie that makes one say, “Yes! This is exactly what an action-packed film should be!”

The movie series follows the adventures, or should I say misadventures of Ronnie. Tiger portrays the role of the ideal Bollywood hero flawlessly, with the perfectly chiselled abs, to the breaking of villain bones, to the graceful swivels of jumping in to fighting stances.

The action sequences themselves are almost like a choreographed dance number, the way the bad guys are flipped and how Tiger always comes out unharmed! 

The Baaghi series is something that people should watch for the moves and dances rather than the plot of the movie. The cliche girl saved by the boy is not completely what is portrayed here.

Not to be left behind, Shraddha’s character is definitely that of a badass woman, with her punching the baddies and chiming in with fiery dialogues!

All 3 movies in the serious have a different plot, but the same storyline, the rebel saving his family. This works perfectly well with the type of movie this is and should be looked at in that exact sort,

The name of the movie itself “Baaghi” is the urdu word for Rebel and this resonates exactly with the movie.

Baaghi may not be on the top of your list especially when plot heavy movies like Badla, Bulbbul, Andhadhun are out, but this movie is one that grabs you in with its charm and does not leave you until you have watched all the 3 movies in the series.

Action thrillers like Baaghi are rare when it comes to Bollywood in todays day and age, but they are something that will definitely leave you wanting more!

On the whole, Baaghi has extraordinary action and good music as positive points

The movie for the small town masses is surely a hit! With its great music sequences and the invincible Tiger.

Have you watched the Baaghi series yet? What did you think of “Baaghi” Was Shraddha’s strong badass character something you also would like to see more of?