Movie Review - The Great Indian Kitchen

by Abhishek Shukla on April 24, 2021

Movie Review - The Great Indian Kitchen

A smacker of a film! The great Indian Kitchen is a 2021 masterpiece! A small budget Malayalam film, this movie brilliantly captures the nuances of a “respectable” middle-class family and the life of a small-town housewife in current India!

This film captures the universal struggle of a woman in a patriarchal household where her growth is stunted by her own family. A husband who thinks women are just machines to cook, clean and raise their children.

A film inspired by Jeo Baby, the film’s director’s own kitchen! He felt that the
monotonous repetitive work of cooking, cleaning and housework feels more like a jail rather than being enjoyable.

The lighting and shots of the film bring to light the same trapped and monotonous feelings.

The film, like any other Indian film starts with a wedding and progresses to the “in-laws” house.

As the story progresses we see the forced, prison like move of the girl. She is shown feeling trapped, tired and scared. The movie continues to throw light on aspects of those families that glorify women as only the caregiver, always taking care of the others. Loosing out on their individuality and independency.

The Great Indian Kitchen then shows how the poor wife is always to be at the beck and call of her husband and her father in law. Her mother in law is of no help saying that she faced the same fate and she should just grin and bear the same. Whereas hersister-in-law does the exact opposite of all that being enforced on her!

A film that wades through all problems faced by women in India! The script has been written and directed brilliantly, with a amazing take-down of the societal norms faced.

The great Indian Kitchen movie further proceeds to highlight the prevalent Sabarimala Temple verdict. Where the heroine disgusted by her in-law’s talks and view on this verdict, decides to leave this family.

She proceeds to throw dirty kitchen water on her husband and father-in-law and walks out of there with pride in her eyes.

When she arrives back home as a strong, independent woman she fulfills her dream of becoming an independent dance teacher!
The last shots of the movie show her arriving in a car!

Another compelling scene worth mentioning is when the father-in-law is seen putting away the bride's bangles given to her at the time of marriage. The shot pans to show many other sets placed next to them, leading us to believe that this is not their first time treating a daughter-in-law in such horrific ways!

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