5 Reasons Why Filme is the new way of entertainment

by Abhishek Shukla on March 30, 2021

Movies and entertainment are the best part of our lives! From taking us on an emotional rollercoaster to making us laugh till our sides hurt! 

The amazing feeling of immersing in a movie is unlike any other! It takes you on a trip down memory lane, reminisces a life that can be yours and make your dreams come true!

One can live vicariously through movies and it is the best feeling in the world!!

A good movie will leave you wanting more and more!

But, a great movie can lose its charm when the annoying buffer screen and low data message appears!

Filme is the solution for you!

A brand new hub for entertainment! Filme helps you watch movies with ease and finesse!

Here are 5 reasons why Filme should be your new way of entertainment!

  1. No sign-up and download hassle

What’s the most annoying part of watching movies on streaming sites? Of course the signup!

With Filme, you can start to enjoy any movie in less than 10 seconds to your phone browser!

  1. Powered by QR code

A simple QR code can take you on a movie journey unique to you! 

It’s super simple to use our patented innovation! 

Simply scan, enter OTP and Enjoy your movie!

  1. “Sharing IS definitely Caring!”

The movies you buy are not just a 1-time watch! Want to share the movie with 6 more of your loved ones? Well, we encourage it! 

Safely and securely share the movie you bought, and easily have upto 6 people watching it as you!

  1. Wide range of movies

Choose from a wide range of romance, thriller, action and patriotic movies! We have a movie for every mood! We give you the option to choose! 

A movie code for every mood is accessible with just a single click! Check out our movie list here.

  1. No internet, No problem

Travelling to a land with no wifi or a slow internet connection? Well, we don’t have to worry about that at all! The QR code is all the internet connection you need! Simply scan the code and drift away to movie land!

Want to know more about amazing Filme!? Why not test it out yourself!

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