4 regional based movies to watch

by Abhishek Shukla on January 30, 2021

From an action-thriller to a Comedy Drama, to a totally bonkers crime plot! These films are a gold mine of emotions and our top picks for regional based movies!

 Movies, be it Hollywood, Bollywood or even regional are a plethora of emotions and situations! The 2 something hours you spend in a movie theatre or watching one from your handheld mobile device take you on a journey unlike any other!

When we think about regional movies, Tollywood and Rajnikanth might be something that comes to mind, but there are some really interesting films out there as well!

Here are picks for 4 regional based movies to watch!

  1. Bhangra Pa le

With the determination of tradition and the grand global stage as their dreams, the main couple is on a journey to leave their mark on the international stage.

With determination in their souls they set out for the London stage. But what happens when the main couple are on a fiery path against each other! A battle of the wits for them both, Bhangra pa le movie is a sweet rival comedy drama story!


  1. Half Ticket

A heart-wrenching film, a small mission for others but a big deal for these young kids. Half-ticket is a movie about 2 young brothers who would love nothing more than to have just a slice of Pizza! When news of a new pizza shop opening reaches their ears they vow to have a taste, this story follows the plights of the rich-poor divide and makes us think about the tiny bits of happiness in our lives!


  1. Babubhai sentimental

When a frustrated man takes a stand this is how his life changes, Babubhai sentimental movie is a one of a kind action film. Portraying themes of corruption, modern day political scenarios and one man's mission to make things right by fighting corruption with corruption. It's quite rare to see a gujrati movie with such a plot line but this movie has sure left its mark on our minds. Follow Devraj, an IPS officer's journey from humble beginnings to fighting the corrupt with a new tactic.

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  1. Anvatt

Anvatt, a paranormal tale that takes place in the 70s is shot in the beautiful and picturesque district ofKonkan. The lead couple moves to a remote village to provide medical help to the locals, but what follows gripps the audience to their seats! A series of unfortunate events could prove fatal to the lead couple, but enough said about this film!

Our top 2 regional films are definitely Bhangra Pa Le full movie and Babubhai Sentimental full movie. Horrors and crimes may be interesting but the gripping thrillers and dramatic comedies are a must watch on the regional tales list!

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