4 Reasons Why Motichoor Chaknachoor should be on your watch list for 2021!

by Abhishek Shukla on January 21, 2021

4 Reasons Why Motichoor Chaknachoor should be on your watch list for 2021!

A comedy-drama film, Motichoor Chaknachoor movie is sure to keep you captivated! The movie stars an unlikely pair, with the main cast consisting of Nawazuddin Siddiqui the star of sacred games and Athiya Shetty an upcoming actress.

The story goes something like this, Anita’s(Athiyas) dream is to marry a “phoren” settled boy, who can take her to dreamy locations like the Statue of Liberty, or the London Eye or even Burj Khalifa! At this point, she has rejected several boys in hopes to find the one who can fulfil her wishes.

Her dreams seem to finally come true this time around when her neighbour arrives from Dubai, at 36 years of age he is ready to mary just about any girl. This leads to Anita plotting ways to make Pushpinder fall in love with her so she can go back to live in Dubai with him!

In a series of fortunes she ends up marrying him but he reveals his plan of settling in Bhopa! This ensures a whole new set of problems for Anita, she needs to convince him to move back somehow! 

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Here are the 4 reasons why Motichoor Chaknachoor movie should be in your list! 

  1. An unseemly pair!

Pushpinder and Anita or shall I say “Annie”, are complete opposites in nature, looks and behaviour, but they end up becoming the best duo in the end! Their differences complement the other and keep the comedy dynamic at full force! 

  1. Pushpinders mom, Indu

From the uncanny bits of advice to shedding light on important societal issues of dowry, Indu provides grounding to the overall story. Even though the instances of casual sexism, body shaming, may shock big-city dwellers but the storyline helps us understand the ingrained concepts of such unusual standards still prevalent in smaller cities like Bhopal!

  1. The Cast

The main couple, of course, makes the film, but the supporting cast is not one to be looked away from! They complement the pair in a way that adds dramatics as well as aid in giving the story the small town, big dreams flair. 

  1. Storyline

Even though the story may seem misogynistic and old school when compared with their current counterparts the plot does not fall behind. It was also refreshing to see such a trained and versatile actor like Nawazuddin take on a new avatar versus his role in sacred games. Athiya was also a surprise, she delivered the role of a small-town girl with a lot of finesse.

Overall the movie is a refresh from the action-packed rom-com that is privy in these times, a rating we would give this film is a 7 on 10 and this should be enough reason for it to be added on your watch list for 2021!

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